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OSTRC trains Olympic sports medicine doctors


25 physicians from all over the world traveled to Oslo to officially finish their 2-year distance-learning program in sports medicine with a purpose to be best prepared for their roles of taking care of athletes´ health.

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center hosted this final residential course as one of 5 sites in the world since 2015. A total of 100 physicians with varying specialties were enrolled in this year. 

Following this new learning program, the 3 days in Oslo were spent on an exam, lectures, and workshops. One of the aims for these days was also to facilitate building a network of excellence to get doctors best prepared for the needs of being a team doctor.

"As part of its commitment to supporting the health and performance of athletes and to the continuing professional development of those who care for them, the IOC Medical Commission offers this postgraduate-level program in Sports Medicine", Professor Lars Engebretsen comments.

Professor Engebretsen is the head of science and research in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and co-chair of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center.

"The program is designed primarily to meet the needs of team physicians from the National Olympic Committees (NOC) and International Federations (IFs)", he adds.

High recognition for OSTRC and NIH

While here, they went through sessions related to all aspects of sports injury treatment and prevention, concussion testing, nutritional advices/doping, travel medicine, cardiovascular screening, mental health, roles and responsibilities of being a team doc.

The fact that we were selected for this, is a recognition that we are among the world leaders in sports medicine research, clinical care and education,” said Professor Roald Bahr, chair of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and Chief Medical Officer of Olympiatoppen.

It’s an honor to have a group of physicians like this here, training with us. This provides the type of experiential learning they’ll need when they work with athletes and sports teams in their home countries."

The 25 docs came from Switzerland, Thailand, Canada, UK, Spain, India, Singapore, Israel, Germany, Portugal, UAE, Bahrain and Greece.

The other 4 training sites in the world are Amsterdam, Calgary, Seoul and Pretoria, designated by the IOC to train physicians to IOC standards.

Upon successful completion of all compulsory elements of the program, including coursework, assignments and examinations, the physicians are eligible to graduate with the IOC Diploma in Sports Medicine.

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