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Information about project titled 'Injuries in TeamGym in Norway'

Injuries in TeamGym in Norway

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Siri S Lund
Supervisor(s): Grethe Myklebust


TeamGym is a relative new form of gymnastics originating from Scandinavia. Very little is known regarding injury incidence, prevalence and injury mechanisms. An injury registration in Norwegian TeamGym has so fare not been done.


The aim of this study was to examine the incidence and characteristics of injuries in order to establish the extent of the injury problem in Norwegian TeamGym.



The study consists of a prospective cohort and a cross sectional part. The prospective cohort study covers one 10-months season and includes injury registration in all the national competitions in Norwegian TeamGym in 2008. The cross sectional part was conducted during the national championships in 2008. The data were collected using an injury registration form and through observation.


The results of this study will provide important information about how often and what type of injuries that occur. In addition, it will answer questions like: how severe are the injuries? In which apparatus or in which gymnastic skill do injuries occur?