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Merete Møller PT, PhD is a senior researcher at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center in a 20% position, from 1.10.2019 and until 30.11.2025. She has previously been a part of the “Skadefri/Get Set – webpage/mobile application” project team.

Merete is also employed as an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, where she is the principal investigator in the Health And Performance Promotion in Youth sport (HAPPY)-project. The HAPPY-project is a 3-year project aiming to optimize, evaluate, and implement training strategies targeting to reduce the risk of injuries and enhance performance in a “real-world” handball setting.

Meretes main research focus is to help athletes achieving their full potentials and keeping them active throughout their lives by reducing the long- and short-term burden of injury through prevention.

In 2016, she defended her doctoral thesis at Aarhus University (Denmark) with the title ”Shoulder injuries in youth handball – incidence, severity, and injury pattern recognition.”

Merete became World Champion in handball in 1997 for both the youth and the senior national team of Denmark.